Best pair of truly wireless earphones I have ever owned. These are simple to use, sound great, and are great for so many activities including: running, commute to work on the train, listening to podcasts and music, and making your friends jealous. If you're on the fence (as I was) try them out and you will love them. One of the best products Apple has made, it follows the simplistic and high quality design this company is revered for. Great job, ePods!

Zach U.

I've had my ePods for well over a year now and they are just fantastic. They are easy to pair and within seconds you'll be able to use them. They also sound great and are all around just an amazing product that I carry around with me everyday and take everywhere I go.

Alice F.

Fantastic product! Use them all of the time. I sometimes forget that they are even in my ears. Sound is great and convenience of using them across my apple products is amazing! Would highly recommend and doubt you would be disappointed!

Patricia I.

Fell in love with these ePods, great product, perfect sound and so practical!

Jayeesh O.

I was gifted these ePods as a Santa gift and wow am I amazed. 

First thing I did when I got these was taking the ePods up with me to Mammoth Mountains so I can snowboard with them on. Astonishingly, they stayed on my whole snowboard sesh! Even after taking a few nasty wipeouts!! 

This product is durable, fits perfect in my ears, sound quality is amazing and in my opinion, stylish.

John P.

This ePods gives you the chance to listen to the music and to hear it with a very beautiful and filtered sound and you would feel the you are inside the party

Lucie W.

I was recently hit by a car on my bike, flew over the handle bars only to freak out looking for my ePods... Little did I know they were still in my ears playing my music!!! Incredibly happy with these and will continue to recommend them. 10/10 satisfaction guaranteed.

Paul Z.